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Grilled Peaches
Back to blackberry matters
Oh yes, Raspberry time
after all, it was a dry day!
Bits about blackberry benefits


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Grilled Peaches

Fruit on the grill? Most definitely! 
What about  grilled peach with prosciutto and balsamic!

Raise your hand if you love peaches! Peach season has been in full swing for a few weeks.  Come and pick yellow and white peaches from our 5 year old trees.  Many different varieties to enjoy!
   or Grilled chicken with peach glaze

and Grilled peaches with cinnamon? why not!

Back to blackberry matters

Juicy and tangy-sweet, blackberries are a summertime berry and a popular addition to salads and smoothies. Their dark color is a sign of their high antioxidant content, and a boon for fighting the signs of aging, cancer, and other degenerative diseases.There’s no shortage of nutrients in this little fruit, as it’s packed with vitamins A, E, K, and B vitamins, fiber, antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein, and an impressive array of health-promoting flavonoids. 
However, remember that blackberries are best consumed in their natural state in order to obtain their benefits. Freezing them also preserves the nutrients, even though the texture may change.

Blackberries can be stored up to one week in the refrigerator. Keep them in their original package or place on a plate and cover with plastic wrap. If you prefer to freeze your berries, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet and place in freezer until berries are frozen. Then place frozen berries in freezer bags. Use within one year.
Spanish Garden Berry Farm is now open for blackberry picking.

We are open daily from 7:30 am to noon.  Always call before you head to the farm to confirm fruit availability  816-582-3398

Oh yes, Raspberry time

Why You Should be Eating More Raspberries

At Spanish Garden Berry Farm you can pick yourself fresh from the cane red raspberries and black raspberries.  These jewels are delicious and good for you!
It may be somewhat annoying when raspberry seeds get stuck in your teeth, but this doesn't necessarily mean you should avoid eating them. Raspberry seeds are a source of dietary fiber, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
Read below why!
Nothing quite tastes like summer more than a handful of fresh-picked berries. Red raspberries one of the most popular berries out there, shine like jewels in any dish from breakfast bowls to desserts to an array of berry baked goods. Don’t let these berries mesmerize you with their bright colors though; these berries are jam-packed (jam, get it?) with phytonutrients and antioxidants. So, let’s break it down and discover the health benefits offered by red raspberries and black raspberries.
Red Raspberries have a sweet yet tangy flavor bursting from tiny individual fruits that make up the raspberry as a whole. Because of this structure, raspberries are considered “aggregate” fruits. Among the 200 plus species, there are three basic groups of raspberries: red (most common), black, and purple. These three groups share similar nutritional profiles so pick whichever group is most convenient for you! Raspberries belong to the Rose family of plants along with apples, apricots, blackberries, cherries, peaches, pears, plums, strawberries, and even almonds are a distant cousin.
Nutrients in 1 cup (123 g):
  • 54% Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • 41% Daily Value of Manganese
  • 32% Daily Value of Fiber
  • 12% Daily Value of Vitamin K
Black raspberries are a dark berry similar to raspberries and blackberries. They are native to North America and can typically be found fresh in the month of July. You can use black raspberries in similar ways to red raspberries. They are an excellent snack and you can also use them in pie recipes and to top cereal.  Black raspberries are higher in iron than many other fruits, with 1.4 mg per serving. This provides 18 percent of the daily value for men and 8 percent for women. Iron is essential for the formation of hemoglobin, which is the oxygen-carrier protein found in red blood cells.

With the perfect size for grab-and-go snacking, burst of juicy sweetness in each morsel, and health benefits galore.
One Green Planet raspberry recipes here

after all, it was a dry day!

Hello everyone,
if you made it to the patch today,  I hope you had a nice experience and got to enjoy our strawberries.   The weather cooperated and it was actually a nice day till closing time, except that we had to close the patch early, all of our ripe berries are gone! 
If you didn't get the chance to make it to the patch, don't worry, we have lots of strawberries still to ripe.  In fact our plants are still producing flowers!   All this rain and lack of sun has slowed the berries ripening process.

Our dear friend came to help us today to weigh the berries and assist us all.  She had a great time and is looking forward to coming back and see all those happy little faces carrying the small kiddy buckets she brought over.  It made the kids be part of the process in a special way! THANKS Julie!

We anticipate this strawberry season to be longer this year extending into our other berries. 

We truly enjoy your company and patronage.  thank you very much.  Here some ideas of what to do with your strawberries:

Hope to see you soon

Bits about blackberry benefits

Summer is the time of the year to enjoy delicious blackberries.  Here at Spanish Garden Berry farm we offer excellent fruit and we strive to make your visit an enjoyable experience while you pick.
We also have kale, tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn and more.  Come and visit us !!

Easy Blackberry cobbler
Make the easiest blackberry cobbler ever using fresh berries plus 5 more ingredients. To make it special, top with whipped cream and a mint garnish.
  • 4 cups of fresh blackberries
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 1 of large egg
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour
  • See all ingredients

Can't see the link above? Copy and paste this into your browser:

Blackberry Benefits
Digestive and Cardiovascular Benefits
The fiber in blackberries helps aid digestion and may help lower your cholesterol levels, which fights cardiovascular disease. One cup of blackberries provides almost 8 grams of fiber, which is 21 to 32 percent of the daily fiber recommendations for men and and women, respectively. The vitamin A in blackberries also supports your digestive tract by helping maintain healthy mucous membranes, such as the tissues that line the inside of your mouth. Each cup of raw blackberries provide 308 IU of vitamin A. This is 13 percent of the daily vitamin A intake for women and 10 percent for men.

Skeletal Benefits
The vitamins C and K and the trace mineral manganese in blackberries all benefit your bones. Vitamin K activates proteins needed to deposit new bone mineral tissue -- a process essential to maintaining strong bones. Each serving of blackberries contains 29 micrograms of vitamin K -- 24 and 32 percent of the recommended daily intakes for men and women, respectively. Vitamin C boosts the synthesis of collagen, a protein abundant in bone tissue. A cup of blackberries provides 30 milligrams of vitamin C, which is 40 percent of the recommended daily intake for women, and 33 percent for men. Manganese also promotes collagen production and activates enzymes essential for bone development. Each cup of berries provides roughly half the manganese requirements for women and 40 percent of the daily recommended intake for men.

Cancer-Fighting Benefits
Blackberries owe their rich purple hue to their anthocyanin content, and these anthocyanins also offer cancer-fighting benefits. They act as antioxidants -- chemicals that fight genetic mutations and cancer-causing tissue damage -- and may have the ability to slow cancer cell growth, according to research. A study published in "Phytotherapy Research" in 2012 reports that anthocyanins offer natural sun protection, protecting skin cells from damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Because the sun's UV rays play a role in skin cancer development, anthocyanins might provide some protection against skin cancer.

Consuming More Blackberries
Use blackberries to add sweetness and nutritional value to your meals. Start your day with a bowl of rolled oats topped with fresh blackberries and apple slices, or top your Greek yogurt with blackberries and hulled hemp seeds. Bake blackberries into whole-grain muffins or add them to leafy green salads. If you're craving a relatively nutritious desert, try heating blackberries with sliced peaches in the microwave, and top with rolled oats for healthful "blackberry crumble."

Information and tips on Raspberries

Raspberries belong to the rose (Rosaceae) family of plants, which houses some of the world's most beloved fruits including apples, apricots, blackberries, cherries, loquats, peaches, pears, plums, and strawberries. Almonds also belong to this diverse family of plants. Among U.S. consumers, raspberries are the third most popular berry and follow right after strawberries and blueberries.
How to select and store:
as raspberries are highly perishable, they should be purchased one or two days prior to use. The goal when picking this fruit is to choose berries that are fully ripe without being overly so. Choose berries that are firm, plump, and deep in color, while avoiding those that are soft, mushy, or moldy.
Raspberries are a highly perishable fruit, so extra care should be taken in their storage. If you do not plan to eat your raspberries upon arrival back at home, they should be stored in your refrigerator.
Raspberries freeze very well. Wash them gently using the low pressure of the sink sprayer so that they will maintain their delicate shape and then pat dry with a paper towel. Arrange them in a single layer on a flat pan or cookie sheet and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer the berries to a heavy plastic freezer bag or plastic freezer container that can be sealed and return them to the freezer where they will keep for up to one year. 

For information on the Spanish Garden Berry Farm in season berries, click:
How to EnjoyA Few Quick Serving Ideas
  • Mix fresh raspberries in with creamy millet porridge for a sweet morning breakfast treat.
  • While at first glance it may seem unusual, the flavor combination created by sprinkling fresh raspberries with balsamic vinegar will send your palate to heaven.
  • Plain yogurt mixed with raspberries, honey, and freshly chopped mint is delicious eaten as is or used as a topping for waffles or pancakes.
  • Depending upon how much sweetener you use, homemade raspberry coulis can be used as a sauce for either savory poultry dishes or sweet desserts.
WHFoods Recipes That Feature Raspberries
For some of our favorite recipes, click Recipes.

Plentiful strawberries on opening day

It sure was a nice day and a joy to see how much our customers like  strawberries.  The patch was busy and satisfying, everyone was able to fill up a flat with strawberries in no time. 
There was a nice crowd at the farm and I had the chance to visit with some of our regular pickers, neighbors, family and friends, as well as new customers from the surrounding area.  We love for everyone to get the chance to try and enjoy our berries. 

The strawberries did pretty good this season considering the weather conditions and the fact that the old patch was on its final year and the new one is getting established.  Here at the farm we are looking forward to replace the old patch this fall and continue to nurture the development of the recent patch for it to reach its potential as it matures for the 2015 season.
As the strawberry season is coming to its end, we are preparing to transition to the raspberries.   We'll keep you posted in our "in season berries" page in our web-site. 

Photos courtesy of  Sara Kovac.

Feel free to share your pictures.

Aronia berry, the King Kong of berries

Aronia Berries
In the world of berries, antioxidant activity is a major factor in the endless jockeying for position as top berry. Aronia has greater antioxidant activity than cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, pomegranate, goji and mangosteen. You can think of aronia as the King Kong of antioxidant berries.
They fight the formation of arterial plaque and lower serum cholesterol, and they protect the liver against a host of insults and toxins.  In our ever-increasingly diabetic society, aronia’s compounds help to lower blood sugar and improve the body’s own natural production of insulin.

Spanish Garden Berry Farm

Hello to all strawberry pickers and fresh fruit lovers!
Glad to feel the warm air while working in preparing the patch for this season.  This year we are offering strawberries from a new patch in addition to our last year patch.  Plants were uncovered mid April and they are looking beautiful and growing nice crowns.  We are introducing a new variety that seems to respond well to the spring rain showers we had. In fact, the early varieties already started to bloom and we anticipate opening the patch on June 1st.
Spanish Garden berry farm not only has strawberries in bloom but also apple trees in bloom.  We are very excited to announce our orchard is stablishing nicely and are planing to allow our two year old dwarf apple and peach trees produce fruit this year.  Our outstanding quality fruit tree varieties are selected based on excellent fruit flavor, winter hardiness, wide selection of ripening season, to provide superb fruit for you to enjoy the U-pick experience.
We are also experimenting in expanding our fruit picking to cherries and plums.
Here at Spanish Garden Berry Farm we just love fruits and berries from the plant!