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June 2014
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June 2014

Plentiful strawberries on opening day

It sure was a nice day and a joy to see how much our customers like  strawberries.  The patch was busy and satisfying, everyone was able to fill up a flat with strawberries in no time. 
There was a nice crowd at the farm and I had the chance to visit with some of our regular pickers, neighbors, family and friends, as well as new customers from the surrounding area.  We love for everyone to get the chance to try and enjoy our berries. 

The strawberries did pretty good this season considering the weather conditions and the fact that the old patch was on its final year and the new one is getting established.  Here at the farm we are looking forward to replace the old patch this fall and continue to nurture the development of the recent patch for it to reach its potential as it matures for the 2015 season.
As the strawberry season is coming to its end, we are preparing to transition to the raspberries.   We'll keep you posted in our "in season berries" page in our web-site. 

Photos courtesy of  Sara Kovac.

Feel free to share your pictures.