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May 2014

Spanish Garden Berry Farm

Hello to all strawberry pickers and fresh fruit lovers!
Glad to feel the warm air while working in preparing the patch for this season.  This year we are offering strawberries from a new patch in addition to our last year patch.  Plants were uncovered mid April and they are looking beautiful and growing nice crowns.  We are introducing a new variety that seems to respond well to the spring rain showers we had. In fact, the early varieties already started to bloom and we anticipate opening the patch on June 1st.
Spanish Garden berry farm not only has strawberries in bloom but also apple trees in bloom.  We are very excited to announce our orchard is stablishing nicely and are planing to allow our two year old dwarf apple and peach trees produce fruit this year.  Our outstanding quality fruit tree varieties are selected based on excellent fruit flavor, winter hardiness, wide selection of ripening season, to provide superb fruit for you to enjoy the U-pick experience.
We are also experimenting in expanding our fruit picking to cherries and plums.
Here at Spanish Garden Berry Farm we just love fruits and berries from the plant!