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after all, it was a dry day!
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opening day 2015
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opening day 2015

after all, it was a dry day!

Hello everyone,
if you made it to the patch today,  I hope you had a nice experience and got to enjoy our strawberries.   The weather cooperated and it was actually a nice day till closing time, except that we had to close the patch early, all of our ripe berries are gone! 
If you didn't get the chance to make it to the patch, don't worry, we have lots of strawberries still to ripe.  In fact our plants are still producing flowers!   All this rain and lack of sun has slowed the berries ripening process.

Our dear friend came to help us today to weigh the berries and assist us all.  She had a great time and is looking forward to coming back and see all those happy little faces carrying the small kiddy buckets she brought over.  It made the kids be part of the process in a special way! THANKS Julie!

We anticipate this strawberry season to be longer this year extending into our other berries. 

We truly enjoy your company and patronage.  thank you very much.  Here some ideas of what to do with your strawberries:

Hope to see you soon